Client Tracks & Arrangements

The following songs listed here are examples of some of the independent artists who have come to us to have their musical ideas brought to reality. BIMT Production Studios excels in custom recordings from scratch. Most selections were expressions and ideas from our client artists which we expanded by arranging, producing, recording, and mastering to the final product. BIMT Productions pricing is very affordable, starting at $350-$450 per song. A-la- cart studio rental (including engineer) starts at $65/hr.

Custom Projects written by our clients are not for sale. They are included as demonstrations of our work. If you have interest in a particular song, please contact us and we will get you in touch with the artist. Thanks.

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   Lift Me Up - Sandy Noland, 2007        Just Want to Sing - Sandy Noland, 2006               We Will Soar - Brenda Miller-Wells, 2003          Pacific Ocean Blue - BK Summer, 1989          Down to the River - Neil Jamison, 2007

Metamorphosis - Darrin Chrisman - 2000          Nashville Country - Brenda Lawrence, 1995         Doo Wap Song (The Peach) - Mary Pat Corder, 2006        You’re Not Alone - Jonathon Noland, 2006      Come As A Child - Brenda Lawrence, 1994  

  Just Close Your Eyes - BK Summer, 1990           Mama’s Prayers - Sandy Noland, 2007                              Forgiven - Sandy Noland, 2007                            Fallen Soldier - Neil Jamison, 2007                         One True Love - Sandy Noland, 2006

       Power of the Lord - Brenda Lawrence, 1994          Your Majesty (The Peach) - Mary Pat Corder, 2006       Music Lives On & On   BIMT Recital, 2004      

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Client/Artist Original Project Examples: